Let's transition into Web3 together

If you have been anywhere near me in the past year, you know that I am extremely passionate about web3.

Below are some of my findings and contributions so far.

I collaborate with a whole bunch of web3 nerds from all corners of the world: thinkers, writers, artists, makers and doers.

If you are a business or individual who wants to explore the potential of web3 together, feel free to reach out on me@linasafstrom.com


Member of community-and-soon-to-be-DAO called Future Foundation, that explores web3 x social impact.

I had the honor to illustrate the first official Mirror post, set up as an NFT to fund the Future Foundation treasury and will be used to compensate contributors who are working on creating a more just and joyful world.

I have also created live scribing meeting notes during the first community call - covering challenges, possibilities and the foundation's three pillars of reimagination, support and creation of social impact ecosystems. 

NFT Creation

Creator and owner of three NFT artworks minted on Rarible.

> Human Perspectives

> A.I and I

> Webolution: Layers of Reality

"A.I and I" was made with a machine learning software, where I gave artificial intelligence around 30+ of my illustrations to create new interpretations of.

Results reminiscent of those Rorscach tests.

Learning Spaces

We are better together.

This fall, I was invited to join fellow live scriber Benjamin Felis for an Instagram Live session, where we shared our insights and learnings of the web 3 space so far.

We also discussed the potential for live scribers and artists to make meaningful work for themselves and their clients moving forward.

There is still so much more to discover and create, and the best way is to do it together with people that are both similar and different to you for the very best synergies.

Visual Summaries

A visual overview of the insightful podcast Bankless episode 90 with Chris Dixon where they discuss "Mental Models for web3".

web1: Internet replicating the physical world, paper magazines, one-way information.

web2: Internet becoming mobile and social, monopolies of a few private companies.

web3: Thriving on neutral platforms, Internet owned and built by users, orchestrated by tokens. Permantent digital inventory, bazaars vs. department stores and much more.


Member of team PoolFi, at ETHGlobal
NFT Hackathon on 14-16 Jan 2022.

 A Proof of Concept of a DeFi protocol allowing instant loans with NFTs as collateral.

Winning within three sponsor categories.

Contributor of visual elements and scribing explainer video. More on project page.


Featured in article series with interviews on future competences.

"Businesses should turn to their community and invest in shared learning spaces: building cultural capital with interesting, forward-leaning people and DAO:s that also wants to build, take apart and remix their offers"

Published in well-renowned Swedish marketing and media magazine Resumé in January, 2022.

Read here (In Swedish)