"I believe it when I see it"

A picture says more than a thousand words?
Quite literally, a thick and confusing pile of pages is what layed ground to the now famous visual of the 17 UN Climate Goals:

Now let these stats sink in:

- We process images 60,000 times faster than text.

- We remember 20% of what we
read but 80% of what we see.

- Visual presentations are perceived
as 43% more persuasive.

It’s safe to say, there is great power in visuals!

Now imagine this. On average, people spend a third of their time at work in meetings. According to research, nearly two-thirds of professionals believe they lose time due to poorly organised and unnecessary meetings.

The numerous times we leave meetings unable to recall them, they are neither memorable, tangible or engaging. Ideas are unclear, opinions misunderstood, and confidence we talk about the same thing are questionable.

Luckily there are ways to envision, process and digest information in a more efficient way.


As a child, I wanted to start my own knottery.

That’s right, a KNOTTERY. If you’re unsure you’ve ever heard of one, it’s because knotteries don’t exist. At least not outside a child’s imagination.

A knottery is a place you go for help with stubborn knots, be it gnarly necklace chains or too tightly done shoe laces. Obviously.

As a grownup, I now recognize loosening of seemingly impossible entanglements as a manifestation of something grander: problem solving. Creating efficient solutions to stagnant places that could flow more easily.

During my professional career I have untied knots in industries of communication, concept development and innovation.

I have found a right-brain artist and a left-brain philosopher who loves to package and conceptualise thoughts and ideas to create a better understanding for myself and others.

I help businesses envision tomorrow’s opportunities with visualisation. Strengthening ideas and stories by painting tangible pictures for strategy sessions, brainstorm workshops, pitch decks and presentations.

Materialising concepts by visuals enables

new insights and perspectives that shift

businesses positively.

Welcome to my knottery.


More peace, love
& understanding


Helping people understand & become understood through visuals


Simple, smart & playful