"The greatest achievement was at first, and for a time, but a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg... dreams are the seedlings of reality"

- James Allen

"I believe it when I see it"

A picture says a thousand words? When a thick and confusing pile of papers turned into icons.. they became the well-known UN Climate Goals.

We process images 60.000 times faster than text

We remember 20% of what we read but 80% of what we see

Visual presentations are seen
as 43% more persuasive

We can't change what
we don't understand

In my career I have gathered many learnings around innovation and digitalisation.

One of the biggest is the importance of helping people understand and become understood.

In an ever-evolving and complex world, we need ways to process and digest a high stream of constant, new information and insights.

I help you synthesize thoughts and ideas, using visualisation as a tool to move forward.

Making change more tangible, sparking imagination of the possible.. enabling
new perspectives on the future.


Business visualisation

Ideas synthezised through

live scribing in meetings
and workshops.

Commercial illustration

Handdrawn illustrations for branding, packaging and editorials.

Web 3 Collaboration

I have a varied background within communication and concept development. Previous employers have been in advertising (Ogilvy Dubai), public sector (Swedish Prison) and retail (IKEA Sweden).
I also have a degree in Digital Media from Hyper Island. My passion lies between art, tech, culture and early-stage innovation.